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Personalized portraits give you the opportunity to capture a treasured personal moment and preserve it in the highest art form – a hand-painted or drawn portrait created from a photo of your choice!

✓ What we do:
Step by step, throughout the artistic process, we pay close attention to every detail to ensure that each custom portrait captures the essence of that special moment and displays only the highest standards of quality and workmanship worthy of your cherished memory.
− After assessing each photograph we start working on a canvas enlargement.
− We will carefully finish your portrait using the highest-grade materials, further adding three-dimensional surface texture and rich, unique quality.
− Artist’s signature.
− The end result is your own truly original work of art.

✓ Your hand-painted/drawn portrait will be treasured as a timeless family heirloom and can also be given as the ultimate gift to your family and friends.

Charcoal (black/white) for one person available in sizes:
12″x16″ (small) – $60
16″x20″ (medium) – $85
18″x24″ (large) – $115

*$20 for each additional person for each size*

Free domestic shipping

Soft pastel (Color) for one person available in sizes
12″x16″ (small)- $105
16″x20″ (medium) – $115
18″x24″ (large) – $175

*$30 for each additional person in each size*

Free domestic shipping or local delivery

✓ Every custom portrait comes stretched and ready to hang on the wall or can be framed to your own taste later.

Our hand painted or drawn family portraits are heirloom quality physical works of art, created just for you and shipped to your home ready to decorate your walls and bring joy to your space.

Multiple and separate photos can be combined into your portrait. No need to worry if you do not have everyone you would like in your portrait in one picture. It is very common to incorporate individuals together.

Pricing for family portraits begins at $250 and depends on a number of factors., including:
(1) the size of the painting
(2) the number of people in the portrait
(3) the style of painting or drawing

Zelle, Venmo, Square and all major credit cards accepted

Call, text or reply to this ad with a photo or photos to ensure best possible results.

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