Equator Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo Wash machine For Sale


(Crystal Lake)

Equator Clothes Processor Model EZ 3600 CEE.
Washes and dries all in the same unit. No need to transfer loads into a dryer.
120 Volt plug-in.
No vent needed for the dryer (the vapor is condensed and pumped away).
Hot air from the drying cycle is water cooled internally causing the moisture in the heat to condense.
(Note: The machine draws cold water during the dry cycle and is mixed with hot air in a condensing
chamber.) The condensed water is then flushed out through the water outlet hose via the pump.
Portable or permanent hook-up.
Caster Kit included.
Hoses included. Special “F” connector lets you run the unit when only a single water outlet is available (e.g. kitchen faucet).
Ideal for apartments. Measures 33 by 23 by 23 inches.
Load size 10 to 13 pounds.
Good working condition.
Comes with Owners Manual and Brochure

The Equator Clothes-Processor is a combination washer and dryer that
actually washes and dries in one unit.
The Clothes-Processor is designed to save you TIME, SPACE, WORK, and
MONEY. The combination washer and dryer is more energy efficient,
and takes up much less space than conventional washer and dryer units.
Because this machine has both washer & dryer capabilities,
you never have to transfer loads from one machine to another.
Doing laundry is so simple…just put in your laundry, choose your
settings and press start.
You will return to clean, dry clothes that are ready to fold and put away.
From the moment you look at an Equator Clothes-Processor, the
superior quality is evident.
The design of a Clothes-Processor showsmore than just good looks; it shows practicality.
The Clothes-Processor is front loading, with a simple On/Off switch operation,
and easy to reach controls and filters.
And, do not forget the most unique feature: it is fully automatic
from the washing through the drying cycles.

condition: good

make / manufacturer: Equator

model name / number: EZ 3600 CEE

size / dimensions: 23 x 23 x 33

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