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(mid cities)

If you know what these are, you’ll know how special they are.

1960s Royal Star in Red Sparkle, 20”/ 12”/ 16” + matching 14” wooden snare drum.

Tonneau-shaped/ black Royal Star badges and center lugs. The floor tom has single lugs and has an Audition badge, but came from the Star factory, same era and is a perfect match.

These drums look like they were barely used. They came with the original heads and I’ve left the original front bass drum head. Remaining heads have been replaced.

Brief History:
Star was founded in 1962 by the Japanese company Tama Seisakusyo (later called Hoshino Gakki) and
first started manufacturing drums under the Star brand name in 1965. In 1974 the company changed
it’s name from STAR to TAMA.

Stands not included in asking price.

condition: excellent

make / manufacturer: Royal Star

size / dimensions: 20/12/14/16

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