Greer Moonshot Treble Booster For Sale


Greer Amps Moonshot Germanium Pre
Excellent condition!
Velcro can be removed if requested ahead of time.

Cash only
Pick up near N. Shepherd and 610N.

Scammers don’t waste your time.

From the Greer Amps website:
The Greer Amps Moonshot is our take on a true classic circuit. This pedal is inspired by vintage Germanium preamp circuits of days gone past. Featuring two controls, the Moonshot has a great tonal range, and can provide wonderful texture, when pushing the front end of an amplifier. The Treble/Mid control allows the player to set this pedal as a treble booster, or roll some extra low-end into the circuit, giving more midrange girth and grunt from the Germanium AC-128 transistor. The Master Volume control allows the user to push an amp into snarly overdrive. The Moonshot’s circuit features a voltage inverter, to run the transistor in proper, positive ground mode, while using a standard negative ground power supply.

Germanium AC128 transistor based treble/mid pre!
Wide tonal range, providing beautiful texture!
Stacks amazingly well!
True Bypass!
Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.

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