Hummer Golf Cart For Sale



Year: 2010
Make: ACG
Model: H2 Hummer
Is it titled and or street legal?: This cart is not titled or street legal yet. The only requirements for that to happen is it has to have a seat belt and a windshield wiper. If those two items were added then it has everything else to be plated and street legal. I have $4100 dollar in recent upgrades to the vehicle. Have receipts for all the work done. The cart is completely revamped with a rebuilt motor, new controller from ACG, new batteries and cables. The cart mechanically is perfect and runs perfect and will for a very long time since it’s all new. Cosmetically it has some tiny little flaws but it is a 2010. It had a built in DeltaQ smart charger. All lights and blinkers and everything work on the cart. The one thing that does work but I can’t turn on is the radio. It has a Kenwood radio in the cart but I for the life of me can’t find the faceplate for it. I remove it when it’s not in use and I can’t find it after this winter but I’ll keep searching. I ended up getting my hands a a brand new li-ion onward so I have this as my spare golf cart for now and just don’t need two of them.

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