Jeep restoration quality saddle bags/roll bar pad/oem rear seats For Sale


(Menchaca south Austin)

All items (nutmeg seat/whitco bags/roll bar pad) removed a year or so after jeep cj7 was purchased from my grandpa, all are oem all are excellent condition all have been stored inside. One bag has slight blemish from over time, all snaps/zippers are fine both bags, roll bar pad, bags and seat are well over 30 years old.

Nutmeg honey tan ? 100% complete oem rear seat $500 or trade
Whitco L&R saddle bags $500 or trade
Whitco roll bar pad $300 or trade I never cleaned it still has original 30+ year old dust on it
Flax complete rear seat $500 or trade

For those who do not understand, this is oem original equipment not crap made in China
And for those restoring not rebuilding I’m not giving it away am not shipping and not taking a thousand pics—-come see


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