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(Fort Worth)

Lots of handmade cymbals. All are in like new condition, and with the exception of the Dream and Reverie all are made in Turkey. Most of these come from Mehteran; the founder of this brand was the former head of the Meinl Byzance factory in Turkey and as a result many of these cymbals are essentially Meinl models. Here is the complete cymbal list:

Bosphorus 10″ Turk FX Stack (custom design) $180
Bosphorus 12″ Turk FX Splash $100
Bosphorus 16″ Turk 18-hole FX Crash $180
Dream 18″ Dark Matter Bliss Paper-thin Crash $220
Masterwork 18″ Thalles Paper-thin Crash $200
Mehteran 08″ Amazon Splash $70
Mehteran 08″ Soft Splash $70
Mehteran 10″ Amazon FX China $80
Mehteran 10″ Amazon Splash $80
Mehteran 10″ Brilliant FX Splash $80
Mehteran 10″ Deep Dry Splash $80
Mehteran 10″ Prototype FX Splash $80
Mehteran 12″ Atlantis China $80
Mehteran 12″ Brilliant FX Splash SOLD
Mehteran 12″ Rain FX Splash $90
Mehteran 15″ Sahra FX Crash SOLD
Mehteran 18″ Rain FX Crash $200
Reverie 14″ Versa Stack SOLD

Not interested in lowballing or trades.

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