Misc Hand and World Percussion Items For Sale


(Fort Worth)

Various hand and world percussion items. I have more hand drums listed on other ads as well.

Please note that I do not have enough space to post photos of every item, so some are missing.

Sonor Low Cha Cha Cowbell $30
Pearl Horacio Hernandez Timbale Bell (slight rattle) $15
Indian Bronze Bells (set of 3, largest one in the photo is gone) $20
Indian Talam Cymbals $30
Indian Finger Cymbals $10
Indian Manjera Cymbals $20
Tibetan Finger Cymbals (decorated, 2 pairs) $15 each
TreeWorks Mountable Finger Cymbal Tree (w/ beater) $60
Meinl Mountable Bell Tree SOLD
Thai Hammered Bell SOLD
Unbranded Basic Triangle $10
Unbranded Concert Triangle SOLD
Playwood Deluxe Orchestral Triangle w/ holder and beaters $50
TreeWorks Spring Tree w/ mounting clip and beater $40
Japanese Sea Shell Chimes $35
Meinl Large Crasher $25
Gon Bops Jam Block $25
Large Mountable Woodblock SOLD
LP Small One-shot Shakers SOLD
Dragon Bell Cluster $20
Meinl Artison Bronze Single-row Hand Tambourine $70
Pearl Brass Hand Tambourine $20
LP Cyclops Steel Hand Tambourine SOLD
LP Cyclops Steel Mountable Tambourine $20
Tama Hi-hat Tambourine SOLD
LP Jam Tambourine SOLD
Cajon Add-on Set (castanet, jingle, multi claps) $30
6″ Key-tuned Wood Tamborim (with key, extra head and 3-prong plastic stick) $35
O Profissional 10″ Pandeiro $120

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