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Purchased direct from Rogue last year (2021) for our small business (8 people) employee gym. We are now relocating and won’t have room for this beast. Currently, there is a 3-4 month wait time from Rogue for this machine and since they just started making this machine in 2020, I personally have never seen one for sale on the “used” market…until now.

CONDITION: The machine is in MINT condition, literally. The cable action is smooth, the wheels and swivel quality are far beyond any commercial gym, the powder coat looks just as it did when it came direct from Rogue.

QUALITY: Just like everything else made by Rogue, you get what you pay for and this machine will last more than a lifetime. It’s built like a tank, beautiful to look at and provides a whole other set of exercise options outside free weights and bands. It would be the perfect long term add-in for a home gym or a physical therapy office. I would take this over an Inspire or Rep Fitness functional trainer all day, any day; designed to do a seated row, lat pulldown, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and beyond.

SIZE: *Be sure to read the specs below to ensure it fits in your space:*

-The machine is a touch over 9′ tall (108.5”) so you’ll need to confirm your ceiling height.
-The machine footprint requires a 55” deep x 60” wide floor space (fairly compact considering how heavy and stable it is).

TRANSPORT: The machine is fully assembled and ready to use. For transport to your gym space, the 2 “V” support legs would be removed and the machine would be laid down and secured for transport (just how it arrived from Rogue, minus the pallet). You will need a few buddies and either a truck w/trailer or a flatbed truck to transport. I can also deliver the Denver metro area and assist in truck loading/unloading for a fee.

PRICE: $3400 firm. Save paying TAX from Rogue and get the machine NOW versus 3-4 months. In person, I’ll accept Cash, Zelle, or Venmo.

Rogue website description:

Standing 9 feet tall and creating a 52.5” x 60” footprint, the precision-built Rogue Cable Tower offers an easily adjustable stand-alone column for a wide range of cable machine exercises, including rows, curls, tricep pushdowns, cable crossovers, and more.

The CT-1 Cable Tower is welded, painted, and assembled at our Reflex Factory in Milan, Illinois, utilizing 3×3” 11-gauge steel and parts cut at Rogue HQ in Columbus, Ohio. The system ships fully assembled and features many of the same components as our Monster Lat Pulldown 2.0 machine, including 6” machined aluminum pulleys, a USA MIL Spec cable, adjustable diamond tread footplate. Users can adjust the weight load via the 250 LB weight stack, which is broken into 10 LB increments with a 2:1 ratio (i.e., with the pin set at 250 LBS, the pull resistance is actually 125 LBS). Protective weight stack shrouds are also provided to help avoid pinch points.

The single handle pulley assembly features a 180-degree swivel and can be quickly set up high or low depending on the workout, utilizing the knurled stainless steel adjustment handle. There are 16 different height adjustment settings on the 2×2 rail, and with acetal pads inside the handle assembly, users can easily move the swivel up and down without damaging the stainless slide tube.


Made in the USA
Patent Pending
Stand-Alone Construction, 3×3” 11-gauge steel
Product Weight: 650 LBS
Height: 108.5”
Foot Print 52.5” x 60”
250 LB Weight Stack (10 LB increments)
6” Machined Aluminum Pulleys + UHMW covers
¼” Cable built to US Mil Spec for aircraft cable
16 adjustable height positions
MB Black powdercoat finish
Plastic Covered Band Attachment Pegs at top and bottom of weight stack
Diamond Tread Footplate

condition: like new

make / manufacturer: Rogue

model name / number: CT-1 Cable Tower

size / dimensions: 55'' X 60'' X 108.5"

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