Schlagwerk Cajinto Skinwood, Upright Cajon with Adapter, Percussion For Sale


(Fort Worth)

Schlagwerk Cajinto Skinwood. This is a small and portable cajon that you don’t have to sit on. It has a removeable set of snare wires inside, and can be mounted to any snare stand with the included hardware. This is probably the most responsive cajon I’ve played, it responds perfectly to even very light finger playing. If you pair this with something like the Meinl Bassbox or a larger cajon with a kick pedal, you can have a great little cajon rig (with this acting as the snare.) Killer drum and I hate to see it go but I don’t have use for it in anything that I am doing. It’s been brought to a few sessions and otherwise has stayed at home indoors. Great to add to any percussion setup!

condition: excellent

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