Set of four, 22" Custom 6 Lug Universal Rims with Tires. For Sale


(Simmons and Lone Mountain)

West La Madre Way near Simmons

No Espanol or No Spanish, sorry.

I have a Set of four 22″ Custom 6 Lug Universal Rims with Bad Tires, all the tires hold air but do not have very good tread, I am selling the set of 4 for $150.

I also have a set of four 20″ Custom 6 Lug Rims and Bad Tires for $100.

I also have a set of four 20″ 6 Lug Factory GMC Rims and 275/55/20″ Tires for $300.

I also have a set of four 16″ Custom 6 Lug Factory 16″ Rims and Almost New 265/70/16″ Tires for $300.

I also have several Stock 6 Lug 16″ and 17″ Chevy or GMC Truck or SUV Rims with Tires for $30 each.

I am available most of the time between 8 AM and 5 PM every day, and I live near the corner of Simmons Street and Lone Mountain.

I also have a lot of other Parts, Like Body Parts, Interior Parts, Engine Parts, Suspension, Front and Rear Axles, Brakes, CV’s, and Lots More, for “FULL SIZE CHEVY and GMC ONLY!!!” 1988-2006 Chevy and GMC Truck, 92-06 Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, and full size Jimmy and Blazer, Body and Mechanical parts for sale, NO OTHER KINDS OF CARS OR TRUCK THEN FULL SIZE GM TRUCKS AND SUV!!!

If you look at the map it shows where I am located, I am near the corner of Simmons and Lone Mountain.
I am available, most of the time, between 7am-5pm everyday. Please call or text me at

Key words: Chevy, GMC, Truck, Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Escalade, Full Size, Blazer, Jimmy, Silverado, Sierra, Cheyenne, SB, SBC, Small Block Chevy. 2WD, 2 WD, 2 Wheel Drive, 1/2 Ton 1500, K1500, C1500, 3/4 Ton, 2500, C2500, K2500, 1 Ton, 3500, C3500, K3500. 2WD, 2 Wheel Drive, Pre Runner, Rat Rod, 4×4, 4 x 4, 4WD, Four Wheel Drive, Off Road, Desert Toy Rat Rod, Off Road, Pre Runner, Desert Toy.

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