Vivo Ajustable Workstation For Sale



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Vivo Adjustable Workstation

We had a very large partner desk and used this adjustable workstation but have since changed our home office and now use two smaller power adjustable desks.

These sell new on AMZN for $199.99

Buy ours Assembled, Ready to go, No Sales Tax ! You pick up, no delivery.

As you can see from the pics there are multiple height settings.

Here are the Stats:

Manufacturer VIVO
Model Number DESK-V000B
Width 36”
Depth 24”
Required Table Depth 24”
Work Surface 36” x 22”
Keyboard Tray 28″ x 9″
Height Range 6.5” – 16”
Loading Capacity 37.5 Lbs
Weight 51.6 lbs.

$85 – You pick up, No Shipping.

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